Here are some photos of my cat.

His full name is Boniface (Бонифаций in Russian). He is named after the cat I grew up with, a purebred Russian Blue who had fathered many an offspring and lived to the grand old age of 18. I hope that his namesake also lives to be an octodecimarian.

The name comes from the Soviet cartoon “Каникулы Бонифация”, which features a circus lion who decides to go on vacation to Africa.

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LGE Nexus 4 f/2.7 1/30 ISO 1100
LG Electronics LG-D800 f/2.4 1/20 ISO 100
motorola Nexus 6 f/2.0 1/28 ISO 618
motorola Nexus 6 f/2.0 1/19 ISO 884
motorola Nexus 6 f/2.0 1/127 ISO 40
motorola Nexus 6 f/2.0 1/86 ISO 224