First order of business upon landing in a foreign city is to sample the local beer.

After checking in to the hotel, I decided to launch a full frontal assault on my jet-lag and to go out. Following advice from Spotted by Locals app, I went a little outside the main ritzy area of the city and into Lindwurmstüberl, which bills itself as a “Classic Bavarian restaurant focused on chicken & pork dishes, with Augustiner beer & a roof terrace.”

A Hendl and a half-liter of Augustiner later, I was ready to fall asleep. Jet-lagged and filled with heavy food, it was not easy to go out, but go out I did.

Street musicians in Münich rock! At 11pm on a Sunday, at Marienplatz, a guitar band was playing a catchy tune and having a contagiously awesome time doing it.


She was insane in the brain

She took the midnight train
Through the purple rain

Who can translate what they’re singing? And what does the second English line in the chorus say?

Meanwhile, not 50 meters away, a classical quartet was doing their interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The guy on the cimbalom was a virtuoso, you really need to watch him play!

Later that night, I stumbled upon this display window of a shop called Das Spanische Fruchthaus. Little did I know, there were more hidden treasures to be discovered by this hapless tourist.

Google Pixel XL f/2.0 1/33 ISO 680
Google Pixel XL f/2.0 1/33 ISO 522
Das Spanische Fruchthaus #cover